Why Yoga in Jersey City Heights?

by Stephanie Kumar

Back in 2012, a friend of mine, also named Stephanie, and I took part in a Saturday ritual of driving to yoga class in Hoboken, NJ. As simple as this may sound, there was tremendous planning and effort for us to actually get to our yoga class.  At the time, we were both single parents so we had to hire babysitters, drive to the studio (after finding a coveted parking spot, dread!), and pay for class. It took up our whole morning. But what could we do? There were no yoga studios in the Jersey City Heights neighborhood of Jersey City.

There is Change happening in Jersey City Heights. This change escalated with the addition of the Riverview Park Farmer’s Market on Palisades Avenue.  Stephanie and I saw an opportunity to offer yoga classes in the Riverview Fisk park every Sunday during the Market that would be taught by local yoga instructors. We found out quickly we were not the only ones interested in taking yoga classes right here in our neighborhood!

Yoga in the Heights’ mission since has been to make yoga accessible for anyone and everyone, build a yoga community in Jersey City Heights, and to maintain affordable class prices affordable to our neighbors. Giving back to our community is just as important too! We aim to keep community patronage at the forefront of our business decisions. This includes contribution-based karma classes as well as Charity Classes. We also enjoy participating in local events that support our neighborhood and encourage community. Because up in Jersey City Heights, we are all one big extended family!