What does COMMUNITY mean to you?

Yoga students & best buds, Diana and Rebecca, post Yoga in the Park Selfies.

Yoga students & best buds, Diana and Rebecca, post Yoga in the Park selfies on Facebook.

By Bridget Fujioka

As Stephanie and I tackled the everyday aspects of getting our new location in the Jersey City Heights up and running (we actually have a spreadsheet called the MAC DADDY TO DO LIST.xls) we always come back to the core of what we are building at Yoga in the Heights: a community.  This concept of community, a place where people of common interests gather and support each other, has been integral to my own life as I started on this path of yoga almost 15 years ago.

Back then yoga was so new to me.  I was so raw from my own personal struggles, mainly being the death of a close friend and my mom, that the time on my mat and the community I was invited into brought me through the difficult times.  It transformed me.  Not only did I learn to be comfortable by myself in those quiet moments of reflection, I was then able to share my experience with others.  If I had questions, a bad day or anything people were there.  At the end of every class we would gather in a circle and have a cup of tea.  Some days there would be chatter and others we would all sit there in silence and that was ok.  It was one of the first times I ever felt I belonged.  All of us were far from the same, we came from all walks of life from all over the world, but we had each other, a community.

As Stephanie and I talk with our teachers and students, we have been asking the questions have you ever felt part of a community and what does it feel like to you.  The answers that keep coming up are a place of belonging, support, friendship, and encouragement.  What does community feel like to you? Feel free to leave a comment below!


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