Video Blog: Managing Seasonal Stress


by Lara Zakaria, RPh HHC

The holidays for most of us are a stressful time of year.

This month’s workshop will address exactly how to deal with the stress- from both a nutrition and yogic perspective.

Fall can be a challenging time- between changes with work, the beginning of a new school year and even the changes in the sunrise and sunset can have an effect on our energy and mood. Add to the mix the looming holidays that can put social or financial stress on us- no wonder we’re frazzled!

From an Ayurvedic perspective, the change of seasons signals a shift from Pitta to Vata. This shift from fiery into the airy and sometimes very high energy dosha can bring on anxiety and add to the stress.

Have noticed any of these changes?

• Feeling more tired than usual at the end of the day
• Craving more sleep, having a hard time waking up
• Eating more and craving comfort foods
• Feeling more sensitive or emotional
• Pulling away from big gatherings, certain high energy people, preferring to stay in more and hang out one-on-one
• Feeling run down, increased allergies or getting sick more

So how do we handle all this so we can make the most of the season?

In the video we’ll going to go over some simple tips to help you find some grounding so you can have more energy, boost your immune system and feel your best!

Join me on November 23rd!

Learn more tips for getting through the holiday season and how to incorporating food, supplements and Ayurvada to boost your energy and immunity. Sign up at Yoga in The Heights for the Healthy Holidays & Seasonal Eating workshop.

Hope to see you there, and in the meanwhile, I’m looking forward to questions and comments from you! What healthy ways have you found to help you get through this season?

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