Video Blog: 3 Most Confusing Nutrition Topics: Carbs, Fats, Labels


Today’s video blog a little sneak peak of the topic we’ll be covering in our first Nutrition workshop @ Yoga in the Heights: The 10 Misconceptions about Good Nutrition.

There is SO much conflicting and confusing information out there regarding what’s healthy and what’s not. It’s enough to make you give up! But hang in there…

In this video I talk about 3 that I think probably cause the most controversy. I get questions about these constantly:

1. Labeling*
2. Fat
3. Carbohydrates

*For more on labeling check out this blog for a more detailed explanation of what the various labels mean, which ones are important to look for and which actually mean absolutely nothing.

Check out the video and let me know what you think and out this topic. We’ll be learning more about these, and 7 others in the 10 Misconceptions about Good Nutrition Workshop LIVE at Yoga in the Heights’ Yoga & Wellness Center’s  Open House on Saturday, October 25th at 12:00pm & 2:15pm.