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Seasonal Eating in Transition from Winter to Spring

by Lara Zakaria, RPh HHC During the long, harsh winter, have you noticed you’ve been eating foods heavier than what you typically crave? Have you gained some extra winter weight? You’re not alone. During winter, our bodies crave hearty meals and sedentary lifestyles. In fact, this response to cold temperatures and shorter days is rooted deeply into our DNA. Winter has traditionally been a

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Willpower and Your Weight Loss Goals

by Lara Zakaria, RPh HHC Willpower is not some mythical force that we either have or don’t have. Willpower is our decision to use higher-mind thinking instead of lazing around in the clutches of our primal mind. – A. B. Curtiss Is willpower the one force standing between you and your ability to achieve your weight loss goals, get in great shape, or

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