Don’t Let Poisonous Plants Stall Your Summer Festivities!

by Janel DuRoss Summer is here, and so much fun is to be had: longer days, beach time, fresh produce, running, biking, playing frisbee, hiking, outdoor yoga, picnicking, playing with your kids, blowing bubbles, and endless summer activities. And then, yikes! You come in contact with the unassuming, yet wildly intense plant(s) Poison Ivy, Oak and Sumac. The leaves release a

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Summertime, Sunscreen, and Skin Protection for You and Your Family

by Janel DuRoss Your skin is your largest organ. As a result, you should be aware and knowledgeable about which sunscreens to slather on your skin, as you don’t want it to absorb harmful and hormone-damaging chemicals while you enjoy beach time with family and friends. There are just so many sunscreen products out there, but how can you tell which ones are best

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