September 2020 Newsletter

Achieving Renewal In Transformation

Beloved World Yoga contribution

Grounding In A State Change

We want to thank all our students for staying with us during this turbulent time, those who participated in our survey and to the students who’ve felt comfortable to come in since reopening our doors. We understand how difficult it has been to adjust or return to normalcy, luckily, we’re here for you – with classes online, in the park, and back in the studio.

We’re Here To Keep You Safe (and Sane).

Upon reopening we’ve made numerous modifications at Beloved World Yoga to be in compliance with safety requirements, in addition to adjusting studio policies and expectations for re-opening.

  • See what’s adjusted and how you can do your part by reading more about our Reopening Plans.
  • We’ve updated the student waiver and asking for all students to sign the current 2020 version. Continue to update your waiver here.
  • Learn the safety measures we’re taking by viewing our Covid FAQs.


2020 catapulted us into a disorderly time; an ongoing pandemic while desperately trying to adapt to the “new normal.” But how can people adapt when our baseline hasn’t been fully established?

Six months later we find ourselves in September, a month of transition. The month marks the end of summer with Labor Day weekend, schools resuming and returning to our daily grind. We move from hot, wet summer into dry, cool Autumn, a shift that affects us energetically, emotionally, physically, and at times – negatively. Factor in the compounded havoc from the pandemic, the idea of transformation seems daunting.

The truth is, the transitional period is not about closing one chapter and moving to the next, nor is it scrambling to stay afloat. Like the cycle of life, it’s an on-going process and the end result – renewal.

We ask, when was the last time you checked in with yourself?

  • What in my life needs reshaping?
  • How can I create more grounding in order to better adapt to the frequent changes in my surrounding environment?
  • How can I incorporate my pre-COVID life to this ongoing transition?

We suggest finding grounding and encouraging staying active in your self care and wellness routine by focusing on reviving your energy. Check our calendar for classes that fit your schedule and follow us this month on Instagram; where we’ll be featuring a weekly wellness tip to promote grounding and self care during a time of transformation.

Classes to help you find grounding this month:


8:30am-9:00am Virtual Meditation with Asha

12:00pm-1:00pm Virtual Be Gentle with Dana

6:00pm-7:15pm Virtual Be Balanced (Flow to Restore) with Sharon


8:30am-9:00am Virtual Meditation with Asha

12:00pm-1:00pm Virtual Be Gentle with Dana

7:30pm-8:30pm Virtual Be Restored with Sophie


10:00am-11:00am Virtual Be Yin with Lola

Register here: Weekly Schedule


Important Announcements:

Please make sure that you are pre-registering for all classes (in studio, the park, online). This ensures your reservation and helps us provide you with safely distanced practice space.

Additionally, we’ve been reaching out to our clients with existing memberships and class packs. If you have not heard from us please make sure to check your spam folder. If we have not reached you or you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you again for supporting Beloved World Yoga. Be well.