Please take our Survey for our new Jersey City Heights Yoga studio location!

Yesterday we blasted our email announcement about our yoga studio’s move to 317 Central Avenue in Jersey City, NJ! And wow.. the wave of emotions I’ve had over the last two days have been crazy (my poor husband!). Yesterday I went to see my son’s play, a rendition of Rise of the Guardians, at Liberty Camp. There was so much excitement from the parents and the children, all this happiness within this green oasis on the outskirts of Jersey City… I almost broke into tears at every joke, song and dance. If I went into a Hallmark Card Store right now, I’d probably flood the place with my tears!

To say the least we are happy, nervous, excited! What a way we have come! All thanks to you, our inspiring yoga students, and the local Jersey City nonprofits and businesses that have supported us from the beginning (Especially Farms in the Heights, Riverview Neighborhood Association, Bhavin Patel, Washington Park Association). We have such a unique community!

As construction is underway at 317 Central Avenue, we’d like to take this opportunity to learn as much as possible about our current yoga community in Jersey City Heights and your satisfaction with Yoga in the Heights so that we can enhance the areas that you like, change what you don’t like, and add what you want more of! If you haven’t taken a class with us before, here’s your chance to tell us why!

We’ve created a survey (link below) to capture all this important information. Completing this survey should take less than 5 minutes. And by filling it out, you’ll be entered to win a raffle giveaway at our Open House!


The more feedback we receive, the better we can serve you! Thank you!