Lindsey Rozmes’ Yoga Playlist

by Laryssa Wirstiuk

Though music in a yoga class is certainly not essential and not a traditional component of a yoga practice, carefully chosen songs played during a yoga class can help students pay attention to their breath and adjust their pace and movement based on the class’ flow. A teacher can play slow-tempo songs at the beginning, when students are warming up, fasted-paced songs toward the middle of the class, and slow songs near the end. Often times, teachers will play a chant during savasana. Occasionally, we share our instructors playlists.

This week, Yoga in the Heights instructor Lindsey Rozmes shares her yoga playlist. The one-hour mix includes a wide variety of instrumental tracks from artists like Craft Spells, DJ Drez, Sigur Ros, and Yuna. Here’s the link to listen to the complete playlist (note: a Spotify account is required).

If you like what you hear, Lindsey teaches an all-level vinyasa flow class at Yoga in the Heights on Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm. She began her yoga practice in 2009, and it charmed her soul. She quickly fell in love with yoga’s blissful buzz and heart-healing abilities. Inspired, she pursued and earned her 200-hour certification from Laughing Lotus Yoga School.

She believes that yoga truly guides the practitioner to the brightest parts of him or herself, and Lindsey’s classes are designed to quiet the mind and awaken the heart. She offers a powerful, energetic flow using playful movement with emphasis on breath and mindfulness. Each class includes a few thoughts, inspired music and just enough sweat, flow, and rest.