Getting Self-Situated

Written by Lindsey Rozmes

Remember those candies, Gobstoppers? We’re just like them: many layers, many flavors. We often hear the expression, “beauty is only skin deep,” but when it comes to our health, most of us put our focus primarily on that outside layer and neglect the inside. When it comes to wellness, we can’t just work with that outermost layer and expect wholeness. We have to spend time with everything that lies beneath to uncover our true potential. “Being well” encompasses so much more than “being fit.”

Many of us are on the quest to find balance and health. I think all of us desire the longevity and vitality to enjoy our lives, thrive, and to be happy! Ayurveda’s definition of health, svastha means to be situated in one’s self. In order for us to be truly healthy and discover that self-situation, we have to peel away the layers and get really comfortable with ourselves. This means learning to LOVE our bodies, honor our emotions, and getting OK with being vulnerable. True health goes beyond green juice and caturanga dandasana! It comes from within.

The importance of the cooperation between the body and the mind is highlighted when we start cultivating a deepened sense of self-connection. When there is discomfort happening in the body, that discontent infiltrates the mind. It creates a restlessness internally that contributes to the perfect environment for dis-ease to manifest. On the other hand, if we can create a more peaceful internal condition, that rest and satisfaction is reflected in the entire body. When the body and mind can harmonize both with each other and our outer environment, we can find balance. This is why it is so important to slow down and carve out the time to make yourself a priority.

The change of season is prime time for imbalance to occur in the body and the mind. As we transition from one season to the next, we can begin to feel the impact of our changing environment reflect in our person. Especially as we shift into autumn, you might sense the qualities of the season manifesting: mobile, cold, dry, rough, light, subtle, variable. For example, feeling a little ungrounded or anxious is common. Dry skin, chapped lips, constipation, gas/bloating, insomnia, are a few other signs of how our shifting environment can impact our sense of balance. Ayurveda has a tool box full of practices that can help us align with seasonal rhythms and stay in touch with our inner wisdom! If you are interested in learning about how exactly you can keep yourself in balance as we move into the darker months, join me for my “Seasonal Self-Care” workshop at Yoga in the Heights on October 22nd at 2pm! (Sign up at You can also follow me on Instagram at @pranaparlor for regular yoga, Ayurveda, and self-care tips!