Get to Know Yoga Teacher Laura Medvitz

Laura’s teaching combines power and strength with discipline and grace, thus creating a comprehensive and powerful yoga flow to transform the body inside and out. She is an avid athlete turned yogi; Laura has been a fitness trainer and has a degree in Health and Physical Education! Laura brings real life experience to the mat from her 30 years working in Corporate America and from her daily meditation practice. She’s a teacher who’s lived on both sides of fence, and that makes her relatable and inspiring.

Laura currently teaches Monday/Wednesday 6am Be Empowered, Wednesday night Be Empowered at 7:30pm, and holds down Saturday mornings with Be Fluid in our heated studio at 9:30 and Fundamentals 1 in the big studio at 12:30pm. Check the schedule for her classes.

1. When did you start practicing yoga and why? 

I started practicing yoga early 2000s. My body could no longer handle running and I found power yoga.  

2. What obstacles has yoga help you overcome?

Yoga has brought me back to me. It gives me the strength to be me, perfectly imperfect. 

3. How do you describe your teaching style?

I like to work hard and have fun. Classes are upbeat, challenging and fun.

4. Favorite yoga pose to teach? 

I love teaching warrior poses because I think we can all be strong and fierce! 

5. What’s your favorite quote?

Life isn’t about finding yourself.  Life is about creating yourself. (unknown)

6. What inspires you? 

I am inspired by the students I teach. Every class teaches me something new. They give me a topic or pose to research and deepen my knowledge. I grateful to those whom I have had the privilege of teaching and I look forward to meeting many more inspiring students. 

7. Why should people practice yoga?

Yoga helps to transform you physically, mentally, and spiritually. When you practice regularly, life and you show up magically each and every day.

8. Your favorite yoga pose to practice and why? 

Love my warrior poses. Nothing better then a fierce warrior with a big heart and smile.  Warrior poses allow me to be and feel strong, ready to take on the world.

9. What inspires you?

Nature and spiritual people.

10. Life is so busy these days..How do you balance it all (how do you practice self-care)? 

A steady diet of warm bubble baths. 

11. How do you keep your personal yoga practice from getting boring?

Every practice is different, I take class with many different teachers and many different studios.  

12. Why do you teach/work at YITH? What do you love about this studio?

I love the diversity of each class.  The sense of community at YITH is heart warming.  

13. Is there a change or difference you see in people who practice regularly? What can they expect to see or notice in themselves after awhile?

People who have a regular yoga practice walk taller, stronger and make eye contact. Yogis experience a strong sense of inner peace and strength. You experience life vs existing within it.  

14. Tell us something interesting about yourself that we may not know.

I love babies and puppies.