Fly. Base. Partner Play!

by Janel DuRoss

Warm weather with summer fun is almost here!  If you are looking for a partner infused way to get in and stay in shape, look further into acroyoga/partner yoga.


This dynamic integration of yoga and acrobatics (and sometimes thai massage for the therapeutics ‘lunar’ version) is a unique way to build strength, connect with others and learn how to move with another.


You may have seem people playing in the park or photos on social media displaying the various poses or ‘washing machines’ (linking one pose to another) – that look intriguing, yet intimidating.  No worries, acroyoga is very accessible to everyone.


There are two types of Acroyoga/partner yoga, L-basing and standing.  The more commonly seen is L-Basing, where there one person on the ground, referred to as the ‘base’ and the person on the ‘bases’ feet or hands is the ‘flyer.’  Oftentimes (not in all photo ops) there is a ’spotter’ for safety.   A spotter is very important, that person is the key to a safe practice, especially while you are learning the basics and exploring washing machines —as they are countless!


I can assure you acroyoga/partner yoga is for everyone, it’s a shared art of movement that can’t be practiced alone, you need a partner.  That’s one of the many great aspects about acroyoga.  You’ll develop lasting friendships while being part of something bigger – a community of movers.  And, it is so much fun!!!


It’s easy to look at something and label it, especially when it comes to our own abilities, but I promise, you will be amazed of what you can do in acroyoga/partner yoga.  Every time I teach this workshop I hear from so many students “I can’t believe I just did that” or “Wow, I just based this person that is twice my size!”


Trust is an essential component to acroyoga/partner yoga, not just with others, but with yourself as well.  Your personal growth will skyrocket, igniting you out of your comfort zone.   Just like yoga, acroyoga is a dynamic practice, multi-layered where you move, balance, stretch, breathe, connect, laugh —and feel muscles you never knew you had.


As with anything new in life, the best way to fully understand acroyoga/partner yoga is to experience it!  Join us May 6th to learn the basics and have a blast!


Event: Acro Yoga/Partner Yoga 101
Curious about the fun partner play you’ve seen on Instagram or in the park? Wondering what’s it all about? We’re going to have a blast in this 2.5hr workshop learning the basics to safety with flying, basing and spotting with Acroyoga/Partner Yoga. You’ll also discover body consciousness like you’ve never experienced before and get a workout while having fun. May cause immediate infatuation. Bring friends or come on your own – the more the merrier as we’ll be working in groups of three. Pre-requisite: consistent yoga practice + open mind!

What you will learn:
-drills, specific warm up and therapeutics
-L basing, flying and spotting alignment points
-basic poses for the flyer, base and spotter
-gain confidence, build strength and unleash your potential
-partner play that cultivates trust and connection
-how to have fun while practicing safety

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