Finding the Right Mat for Your Practice, a research team dedicated to finding the fact behind products and industries, recently did some in-depth research on yoga mats! Yoga mats are no longer in the one-type-fits-all-users category. Each yogi is unique, so this guide can help you find the mat that is the right fit for your practice.

The following nine mats were selected from 30 of the best-rated mats on the market. All are durable and easy to grip, which are musts for yoga mats! Mats were tested at temperatures above 100 degrees and below 85 degrees. They were additionally tested on both carpeted and wood floors, in both vigorous and restorative yoga, in both unheated and heated conditions.

Surveys of yoga students and teachers contributed to the ratings of these yoga mats, as did comfort, density, stability, and traction. The colors available, eco-friendliness, size, and weight were also considered. Price was also nominally considered.

1. Jade Harmony Professional Mat 

The Harmony Professional is made from natural, open-cell rubber with no PVC or other substances that are harmful to the ozone layer. With excellent slip resistance, this 3/16-inch mat is easily washable and is available in two lengths: 68 and 74 inches. Available in ten different colors, including black.

2. The Mat, by Lululemon

This cushioned mat combines firmness and stickiness, ideal for hot classes, which results in a mat that’s great for those who perspire profusely. It has absorbent pores so those who wear heavy makeup or sweat heavily should make sure to wash it after each use.

3. Manduka PROlite

Suitable for both yoga and pilates, this synthetic, latex-free mat has a lifetime guarantee against peeling, fading, or flaking. Excellent cushion and density makes for a stable surface and its closed-cell construction prevents dirt and moisture from seeping into the mat. It’s available in two sizes: standard, which is 71 inches long, and long, which is 79 inches long.

4. Manduka Black Mat PRO Yoga and Pilates Mat

The Manduka PRO mat has a lifetime guarantee and is made in the U.S. It’s latex-free, non-toxic construction provides incomparable cushion and density that protects joints during active sessions. The closed-cell surface makes for quick cleaning so it’s good for heated yoga. Manufactured by an emissions-free process, this 6mm-thick mat comes in two lengths: 71 and 85 inches. Both are 26 inches wide.

5. Hugger Mugger Para Rubber

The Hugger Mugger is made from natural rubber, using sustainable and renewable practices. Both sides have non-slip surfaces and are easily cleaned. The ¼-inch thickness provides excellent cushion for active sessions, and the natural rubber is long-lasting and durable.

6. Kharma Khare Hybrid Bliss Yoga Mat

Available in blue, green, and purple, all with black, the Hybrid Bliss is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and made partly from recycled car tires and sustainable rubber trees. A very versatile yoga mat, the Hybrid Bliss provides both comfort and traction when you need them. Phthalate-free, and no PVC or polyurethane materials are used in this 72 by 24 inch mat.

7. Prana Revolution Natural Sticky Yoga Mat

Available in black and indigo, the Revolution is biodegradable so it shouldn’t be used outdoors for extended periods. Amply sized at 78 x 30 inches, the Revolution provides a stable platform for balance; the surface is sticky but not soft. This very popular mat doesn’t stretch, is non-toxic, and comes with a one-year warranty.

8. prAna E.C.O. Yoga Mat

The E.C.O. yoga mat is made from thermoplastic elastomer, is PVC, chloride, and latex free, and no toxic materials are used in its production. Its closed-cell construction repels germs and the textured surface provides excellent grip on hard floors.

9. Gaiam Print Premium Yoga Mats

The lightweight Gaiam mat comes in 20 different prints, is free of DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP, and DNOP phthalates, and has a textured surface for superior traction. It’s 68 by 24 inch size is 5mm thick for a beautiful and well-cushioned surface.

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