February 2021 Newsletter

Beloved World Yoga Contribution

Ways to Manage Your Hips and Hamstrings

While Working From Home


Welcome February

What a wild start to the month with an enormous 2-day blizzard, leaving us with approximately 15 inches of snow. Not to mention the body work that comes with shoveling, cleaning off our vehicles, or shoveling our vehicles out of the streets before it turns into a snowbank.

Between the snowy greeting and entering our 11th month of the pandemic lifestyle, our bodies are becoming increasingly stiff and stagnant. It’s not only physical bodies, your mental and emotional bodies have been affected.

Low back aching more than normal? Frequent Sciatica flare ups? Is your body beginning to feel less like a temple and more like an ancient, dusty castle? Without complaining more, we get it – honestly. It’s why we’re encouraging you to join us to focus on the muscles which aren’t getting nearly as much movement to feel healthy and happy. We’re providing you with simple movements and modified yoga poses you can do right from your workstation or desk.



We’ve all been there before: the stiffness in the back from being hunched over, tightness in the calves in the hamstrings, painful ache in the hips. We’re aware how this season (and pandemic) is starting to wreak havoc on your physical body.Happiness feels harder to achieve when we are stuck in one place.

Our bodies feel the same way. They crave movement which releases natural chemicals and endorphins making the body (and mind) feel happy too. Sitting indoors at home, bound to our workstations (couches and dining tables) has been where we’ve spent most of our time.

Not to mention your posture when sitting, the type of chair or desk style used are all variables contributing to back, hamstring and hip pain. It’s no wonder that people have been transitioning to adjustable desks that switch between sitting and standing or ergonomically appropriate chairs.

Did you know research suggests for every 60-minutes people sit at their workstation, it’s recommended that 20-minutes should be allocated to stand or walk around? Encouraging any type of movement is good for the body, particularly if you’ve been sedentary for extended periods of time.

Let’s discuss the ergonomics of the body and how yoga can provide relief, particularly when we’re collectively experiencing cabin fever.



Growing research suggests that standing or spending more time upright can have health benefits. Healthier for your back and hips, in addition to your energy, boosting levels of productivity, and decreasing symptoms of WFH burnout.

The truth is your hip flexors muscles actually begin to shorten with inactivity. Their existence relies on regular/consistent movement – like the simplicity of walking. Plus, staying seated for extended periods adds unnecessary compression on the spine. Not only are your hip flexors getting shorter and tighter but without the opportunity to move, other major muscles in the legs can begin to weaken and joint issues in the hips can arise.

Fun fact – the Gluteus Maximus (butt muscle) and the Soleus (one of the two calf muscles) are some of the strongest muscles in the body, these two plus all the muscles from the waist down are responsible for getting us from place to place. By not being able to move and commute freely, sadly – this increases the chances of common muscle strains or pulls, and may make you more susceptible to injury. It’s no wonder that standing and moving the legs is beneficial.


Try This At Home

Depending on the sit to stand ratio, the statistics recommend you stand 2-4 hours per 8 hour work day. This translates to approximately for every 20 minutes you are seated, stand up and move for 10 minutes. We understand this seems like a lot, but there’s plenty of ways to fit standing throughout your workday.

For this, we’re providing you with an assortment of gentle movements and asanas for you to incorporate at your desk and while standing. While we are focusing on the hips and hamstrings, we’ve additionally added movements targeting the neck, shoulders and low back.

Mix and match postures at your workstation daily and by following the rule: for every 20 minutes seated, stand and move for 10 minutes. Let us know what you think!

Be well beloved friends.

Important Announcements at Beloved World Yoga:

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