December 2020 Newsletter

Beloved World Yoga Contribution

Lighting Your Space

“There are two ways to spread the light: One is to be the candle, the other is to be the mirror.”

Edith Wharton

Stepping into the Light

What is the light? It’s everything. It’s bliss. It is being the best, most authentic version of yourself. We can use light as a metaphor for many different life experiences. Maybe it’s the life force inside you? Maybe it’s speaking your truth in a steadfast manner. Maybe it’s unconditional love and acceptance of yourself? Whatever your light is, you can learn to burn brighter through steady practice. What you want to achieve can be attained by feeding your inner light. In order to manifest this light, you may consider removing excess habits and lifestyles/routines that negatively impact you and prevent you from being the brightest version of yourself?

Take a moment to examine the brightness of your light.

  • Is it shining brightly, with ample space to grow?
  • Is your flame flickering steadily?
  • Is your light dimmer than what you’d want it to be?

Join us as we share tips on enhancing your radiance and shining your light.

Turning Up The Light

For centuries and across the globe, people from many civilizations, cultures, and religions have celebrated with light as the centerpiece. ‘Tis the season of light. Let it shine.

Many seasonal festivities focus on the importance of light in our lives. Examples include:

  • Yule Log
  • Loy Krathong a holiday in Thailand on the full moon of November which celebrates a time of happiness and joy while releasing any suffering.
  • Diwali a 5-day Festival of Lights celebrated by Hindus, Jains and Sikhs
  • Judaism’s Hanukkah is a 8-day Festival of Lights
  • Christianity’s Christmas decorations of bright lights adorning trees, lining houses, and candles in window
  • Kwanzaa 7-day Festival and Celebration of African-American culture
  • New Year shines with hope of a new and brighter year ahead, accompanied with a bright countdown til the ball drops,
  • Chinese New Year with colorful fireworks

So, in the spirit of the season, one can say that now is a perfect time to bring more light into your life. What can you do to turn up the light? Earlier we asked you to examine the brightness of your light. Now we ask you to ask what’s preventing it from shining bright?

  • Is there a shadow dimming or preventing your light from shining?
  • Have you forgotten how to turn on the light?
  • What could be occupying space where light should be?

We often underestimate the weight of our thoughts and how they suffocate our flame. We neglect self care and don’t deal with chronic pain or stress. It is imperative we relieve ourselves of the things, feelings, people, and negative self talk that keep us from shining bright. As we remove the darkness we create space for light to reach all areas of our body, mind, and soul. As you do, you move into a state of manifestation. Actively intensifying your self light, liberated from your minds heavy weight and existing with a joyful, blissful, uplifted spirit.

Lighting Your Way

In recent weeks we’ve observed how the sun sets sooner and the early evenings become pitch black; 5pm feels like it’s 9pm, or later. As the seasonal light disappears externally, the light begins to diminish internally as well. It’s all the more reason to keep the flame ignited.

This reduction in natural sunlight causes us to significantly slow down as if we were preparing to hibernate. We become physically and mentally less motivated, so encouraging physical movement feels less desirable. However, combating decreased mobility isn’t the only reason to push forward, it is about continuing to stand up, show up for yourself and put in the work. As you do, you may begin recognizing physical, mental, emotional or even spiritual benefits from powering through stagnation; and perhaps into something brighter and lighter.

Use this time to practice increasing your light. Whether you need yoga practice for movement or you need yoga for grounding, calmness and clarity. Use yoga to help combat the winter blues, onset feelings of stagnation, and to keep working to the best authentic version of yourself. Create space where you were once stuck, lost, or hurt. Create space between yourself and the noise. Create space from the knots that occupy your ability to release. And then… let the light in.

Are you looking to create roaring fire with a fast paced strong vinyasa flow, or maybe a more steady flame? Perhaps something more dimly lit like a gentle or restorative practice? We’ve got a class that meets your flame.


Radiate into the New Year

The journey is different for all of us but it’s never too late to start. The power of transformation is tremendous, welcoming renewal and embracing the changes ahead. With honor and determination, show up and put in effort to begin untying the knots and creating space to let in the light, this way you can radiate into the new year, not only brighter but with and freer, uplifted spirit.

What is the light? Light is everything. It’s bliss. It’s being free in the best, most authentic version of yourself. It is you. You are the light. Shine on beloved friends and be well.


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Schedule Changes 
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Now including:


9:30am-10:30am Be Integrated (Core Vinyasa Flow) with Catherine

11:00am-12:00pm Be Empowered (Power Vinyasa Flow) with Whitney


7:30pm-8:15pm Pilates Mat with Catherine


8:00pm-9:00pm  Be Empowered (Power Vinyasa Flow) with Whitney


8:00pm-9:00pm Be Yin with Bridget


Holiday Schedule
Please make sure to check the schedule on MindBody for any updates.

Thursday, Dec. 24th

  • 9:30am-10:30am Virtual: Be Integrated with Lindsey
  • Evening Classes Cancelled

Friday, Dec. 25th – CLOSED

Thursday, Dec. 31st

  • 9:30am-10:30am Virtual: Be Integrated with Lindsey
  • Evening Classes Cancelled

Friday, Jan. 1st – CLOSED