Day 7 of 30: Yoga in the Park

Day 7 was a community class, taking place under the trees during the Riverview Farmer’s Market. The boys were running around the playground with the neighborhood kids and my partner was foodtrucking breakfast.

The weather was perfect for a daytime stretch and bend in the park. I could hear the wind in the trees and the birds overhead. Easily distracted, I could also hear the kids and speculated about why someone was shouting at Lucas. I saw the Garapolo family and wondered if they connected with my boys. I watched the awkward carrying of watermelons and glass milk jars balanced between dogs lashing at each other.

Maybe yoga in the park isn’t the meditative journey I was expecting. I’m starting to sense a theme. Expectations are worthless.

Here’s what I learned in the park today:

  • The ground under my feet isn’t steady, but if I move just a little bit, it’s easier to balance.
  • The world is unaware of and unimpressed by my yoga practice. I’m just not that important. Release that pressure.
  • Sometimes I sweat because I’m working hard, and sometimes it’s just hot. Either way, hydration matters.

Seven days in, I feel stronger, more settled, and more focused than I expected to. See what I did there?

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