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Being able to serve our student and keeping our community safe is our priority. For reopening we’ve created new rules and requirements for in studio practice. Please do your part in helping our efforts.

The following is information is about the latest changes we’ve made in order to reopen Beloved World Yoga studio for indoor classes. All changes are mandated by the State of New Jersey and the City of Jersey City.

For additional details about practicing indoors at the studio please familiarize yourself with our Reopening Plans.


YES, masks are required.

This means coming in and out of the studio, common areas such as reception, waiting area and restrooms. Additionally students and staff are required to wear masks during practice.

YES, can safely practice with a mask without causing breathing issues in healthy individuals.

We admit, it may not be comfortable and there naturally is a restriction of airflow when wearing the masks during practice.  We suggest breathing in and out through your nose to reduce moisture and your mask clinging to your face.  We would also recommend bringing a second mask as a backup if your mask becomes damp with sweat.

YES, mats will be distanced 6 feet apart.

We have permission to operate at 25% capacity but for the time being class sizes will be under capacity. We’re choosing to keep classes small for the first phases of reopening to uphold health guidelines while ensuring the comfort and concerns of students returning to our indoor studio space.

  • Indoor personal practice spaces will be marked with tape on the floor for distancing.
  • In order to maintain this students must pre-register for in studio classes and drop ins will not be accepted at the time.
  • Please familiarize yourself with our new re-opening policies regarding registering and attending classes.

NO, use or sharing of any props in the studio.

Please bring your own water, mat and optional props (blocks, towel or blanket).

Per NJ guidelines, will no longer offer the following:

  • NO use of any props (blocks, blankets, bolsters, straps etc)
  • NO mat or towel rentals
  • NO membership mat storage
  • NO tea will be served or water is sold in the studio


Using a contactless thermometer, forehead temperature check will be administered on any/all individuals entering the premises; those with a temperature exceeding 100.4 degrees will be denied entry.


  • We’ve installed plexi-glass at the front desks.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available in practice rooms and common areas, in addition to having added a contactless sanitizer dispenser at bottom of the stairs by our front door.
  • Common areas and “high frequency contact areas” will be disinfected frequently with a strong disinfectant recommended by the EPA.

While not required, we’ve implemented extra precautions to keep our community safe.

We’ve installed new UV Air Purification System filters and a polarized air cleaner for increased air filtration. The air purification germicidal UVC light filters are an effective means of preventing the distribution of airborne viruses in occupied spaces. Meanwhile the polarized air cleaner air born particles which in turn help control allergies and maintain a cleaner environment.

Students with memberships and class packs can attend any and all classes in studio, online, or outside in the park. Details can be located on our pricing page.

Have additional questions about your existing membership or class pack? Contact us directly at

YES, we have new and updated guidelines on registering and attending in studio and outdoor classes.

For details about resuming in studio classes please visit our reopening plans page.

General policy information for Beloved World Yoga can be found by visiting our Studio Policies page.

In addition to new guidelines on class registration and attendance (details located on reopening plans page) you can check out our new safety protocols below or view as a PDF.

Beloved World Yoga COVID-19 Safety Measures


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Upcoming Studio Closure


After 8 years Beloved World Yoga will be closing its doors. Thank you for trusting us to be your guides and for all your support over the years. We will continue to hold classes at the studio and on Zoom through April 2nd.

Join a special evening class on Thursday April 1st, so that we can close this chapter as a community and move on to new adventures. 

Thank you for joining us in our mission to create a more beloved world.

Be Well.

- Bridget & The Beloved World Yoga Team -