Are you a forward-thinking company looking to transform your work environment? Yoga at work can promote creativity, increase productivity, foster better communication and improve overall morale for your employees. Yoga at work can also benefit your company – lower health care costs, decreased absenteeism and employee attrition. Yoga classes can be offered once a day or weekly in your boardroom, reception, cafeteria or office.
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Unlimited Yoga


WE'VE GONE ONLINE!All of the Beloved World Yoga teachers you know and love, streamed to your phone, tablet, or laptop.

Beloved World Yoga is temporarily closed until further notice in order to protect the community from COVID-19.

We are now offering classes online so you can continue to practice at home with the teachers you already know and love!

We will be offering two live classes per day.

As a Virtual Member, you can participate in all our streaming classes including pop-ups, have access to our video library, and receive discounts for virtual workshops.

Be Well.