Eat Fermented Foods for Optimal Health

by Janel DuRoss Ohhh…did you think that by “fermented foods” I meant beer or wine? Not this time! A healthy gut affects your overall well being – everything from playing with your children, taking a yoga class, going for a run, and enjoying your time vested vacation. What you eat is very important, and adding fermented foods can keep your belly

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Superfoods to the Rescue!

by Janel DuRoss Superfoods are specific foods that provide a powerhouse of nutrients to your body. When you are pressed for time and in need of something healthy to eat that will provide you with optimal energy and nourishment, you’ll want to consider adding superfoods to your grocery list as not all vegetables and fruits are created equal. Blueberries: Their rich

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5 Pre-Yoga Snacks to Fuel Your Practice

You’re just about to grab your mat and go to Yoga in the Heights for your favorite class when you hear your stomach rumble. Not only do you not have enough time to eat a full meal, but you also don’t want to feel nauseous in forward fold. What can you eat that will provide just enough energy for your

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Ayurvedic Tips to Invite the Light of Spring

by Karen Mandell Late winter to early spring, from March to mid-May, is a Kapha (Earth element) watery season of warming temperatures. Outside, snow melts, making the rivers full and muddy. Warm temperatures encourage tender young sprouts to grow, and everything around us begins to wake up after a long winter’s sleep. Our internal landscape reflects Mother Nature’s actions. Spring is

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Seasonal Eating in Transition from Winter to Spring

by Lara Zakaria, RPh HHC During the long, harsh winter, have you noticed you’ve been eating foods heavier than what you typically crave? Have you gained some extra winter weight? You’re not alone. During winter, our bodies crave hearty meals and sedentary lifestyles. In fact, this response to cold temperatures and shorter days is rooted deeply into our DNA. Winter has traditionally been a

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Video Blog: Good Digestion Is the Foundation for Good Health

[youtube] by Lara Zakaria, RPh HHC So much emerging research has come up recently connecting the integrity of the gastrointestinal tract (GI) with many health concerns. Most notable studies on depression (“Gut Bacteria May Exacerbate Depression” and “The gut-brain barrier in major depression“), this article on dementia, and this study on risk associated with cardiovascular disease. The new research doesn’t even scratch

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Video Blog: Managing Seasonal Stress

[youtube] by Lara Zakaria, RPh HHC The holidays for most of us are a stressful time of year. This month’s workshop will address exactly how to deal with the stress- from both a nutrition and yogic perspective. Fall can be a challenging time- between changes with work, the beginning of a new school year and even the changes in

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Fighting Off A Cold

By Lara Zakaria, RPh HHC Being sick sucks. I know this, you know this… so why don’t we just avoid it to begin with? When we get sick, it’s usually due to a combination of factors that result in a weakened immune system which then allows a virus or bacteria to multiply and wreak havoc. I like to compare your

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Video Blog: 3 Most Confusing Nutrition Topics: Carbs, Fats, Labels

[youtube] Today’s video blog a little sneak peak of the topic we’ll be covering in our first Nutrition workshop @ Yoga in the Heights: The 10 Misconceptions about Good Nutrition. There is SO much conflicting and confusing information out there regarding what’s healthy and what’s not. It’s enough to make you give up! But hang in there… In this

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Labeling vs Logos: How to decode your food label.

by Lara Zakaria SO much conflicting and confusing information exists out there about what’s healthy and what’s not. “Eat more whole grains!” vs. “grains are bad for you!” “Fat is bad for you!” vs. “Eat more fat!” “Low fat dairy can help you lose weight.” vs. “Dairy is unhealthy and milk is only for baby cows!” It’s enough to make

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