30 Day Yoga Challenge

It’s day one. I’m home. Signing up for the 20 in 30 challenge at Yoga in the Heights was an easy, if not impulsive, decision. Like almost nothing else in my life, yoga has been a consistent source of strength and solace. Fifteen years ago, when I was a college student in Buffalo, New York, my first yoga classes calmed my

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Take Our 21-Day Gratitude Challenge!

By Bridget Fujioka It is said it takes 21 days to form a habit.  Over the years we have all developed quite a few habits, positive or negative, some of them intentionally and others not as much.  When you decide to make a change it can take so much effort and determination to follow through, whether it is changing your eating

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Yoga in the Heights Student Spotlight: Geradine

Occasionally, Yoga in the Heights will feature first-person student testimonials on our blog. Real students will be sharing the ways that yoga has changed their lives. Read Geradine’s story below. Yoga in the Heights changed my life: a very strong statement but very true. As my 60th birthday was approaching in April I was depressed, overweight, and not inspired. I

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What does COMMUNITY mean to you?

By Bridget Fujioka As Stephanie and I tackled the everyday aspects of getting our new location in the Jersey City Heights up and running (we actually have a spreadsheet called the MAC DADDY TO DO LIST.xls) we always come back to the core of what we are building at Yoga in the Heights: a community.  This concept of community, a

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Why Yoga in Jersey City Heights?

by Stephanie Kumar Back in 2012, a friend of mine, also named Stephanie, and I took part in a Saturday ritual of driving to yoga class in Hoboken, NJ. As simple as this may sound, there was tremendous planning and effort for us to actually get to our yoga class.  At the time, we were both single parents so we

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Welcome to our Blog!

Hi! My name is Stephanie Kumar, co-owner of Yoga in the Heights Yoga & Wellness Center (aka YITH) in Jersey City, NJ. I’m no yoga teacher, but yoga is my religion. I have a lot to learn and a life to practice it. I have plenty of vices. I still eat meat. I indulge in Tostitos Hint of Lime chips weekly.

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Unlimited Yoga


WE'VE GONE ONLINE!All of the Beloved World Yoga teachers you know and love, streamed to your phone, tablet, or laptop.

Beloved World Yoga is temporarily closed until further notice in order to protect the community from COVID-19.

We are now offering classes online so you can continue to practice at home with the teachers you already know and love!

We will be offering two live classes per day.

As a Virtual Member, you can participate in all our streaming classes including pop-ups, have access to our video library, and receive discounts for virtual workshops.

Be Well.