Balancing Busy

by Lindsey Rozmes


I love New York. I’ve been drawn to its frenetic energy and lively buzz since I was a kid. I couldn’t wait to grow up and dive into the action. For the past decade, man, was I in the action. I kept stride with the revved up pace, bobbing and weaving through the streets, running from one meeting to the next with my cappuccino in hand. What I noticed after years of “burning the candle at both ends”, was that my body would crash on me every spring.


Taking time out to nourish yourself is so important to compliment a busy lifestyle. Whether you’re rockin’ that commute to the city everyday for work or juggling the full time responsibilities of a stay at home parent, your routine is wearing you out! A lot is expected of us! The truth is, if we don’t take the time to take care of ourselves, its impossible to build the juice we need to do it all.


If there is one thing my yoga practice has taught me, it is that you must (MUST) take care of yourself. Our daily grind can distract us from that important truth, but integrating small rituals of self-care into your routine is the key to staying healthy. Though it might seem like just another thing to schedule into your busy day, these daily rituals are really mediations on self-love.


How much time do we spend in our busy days really being present with ourselves? How often are we grateful for our bodies being healthy and working hard for us every single day? How can we shift our perspective from “cleanse” to “nourish”? When we dedicate time to nourish our bodies and souls, we cultivate a deep respect and love for ourselves. When we love ourselves, we can radiate that love outwards to others.


When seasons change, the instability of our environment makes us susceptible to imbalance. Especially this year when we’ve had gorgeous, sunny, 60 degree days promptly followed by snow storms! This is when making conscious choices about our diet, lifestyle and routine can support us the most. Ayurveda teaches us that qualities of spring-time (kapha) are slow, cold, dense, and heavy. Its because of these qualities, for example, that sometimes it can be hard to get our bodies and minds moving this time of year. Each season has its own toolbox of practices to help you stay in balance.


If you’re interested in learning what’s inside Spring’s toolbox of self-care practices, I’ll be sharing all of my Ayurveda inspired tips for balancing your belly and your body at my workshop at Yoga in the Heights! Please join me on April 8th from 2pm-4pm for “Seasonal Self-Care: Spring Edition”. Sign up in advance to attend for $25 until 3/29. $35 late registration. Register 


Lindsey’s teachings are derived from her own personal practice and self-exploration. Her classes are designed to quiet the mind, awaken the heart, and bring balance to the body. She is known for her lighthearted and upbeat teaching style, ayurvedic pointers, and eclectic playlists. Lindsey teaches Vinyasa Flow on Wednesdays at 7:30pm. Register here to sign up for Lindsey’s next class!