30 Day Challenge Winner

Shaargul Naimanbetova completed the 30 day challenge with more classes than any other participant. We sent Mel to check in with her and find out her secrets!

Mel Kozakiewicz: How long have you been doing yoga?

Shaargul Naimanbetova: So when I started the challenge, that was actually my first time taking yoga classes.

What? Wow! What prompted to you to join the 20 in 30 challenge?

SN: I came to the studio to sign up for classes and saw that they were having a challenge so I signed up for the challenge. I decided the challenge is an excellent way for me to get into yoga.

Great timing! How many did you do?

SN: I think I did about 30 classes – I’m not sure.

Did the challenge teach you anything?

SN: I learned that yoga really brings peace to me!

Was it easier than you expected?

SN: I wouldn’t say it was easy for me but it wasn’t difficult either… so somewhere in the middle.

Did you think it was a good way to enter into the practice?

I’d definitely recommend the challenge! I’m continuing the yoga, I went this morning.

Got any advice for people considering the joining the next one?

I’d just say go for it! You won’t regret!!